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The Re-release of John Carpenter's 'Halloween'

The original 'Haloween' was released in 1978 and shocked audiences around the world. John Carpenter's low-budget movie became an instant Halloween classic- which through the years has developed into a franchise.

Halloween 1978

On October 25th the original movie is due to hit the big screen once again. The re-release will be presented in a striking new high definition transfer, too- so you can see a little more detail in those gory moments. The sound has also been improved, which adds the suspense and tension of this classic thriller.

I'm very excited about this re-release, as this was one of the first movies to really spark fear into an audience- and what better title of a movie could they have picked?

Click here for the Halloween re-release trailer.

So are you going to take a trip to the cinema to see it? It may be 34 years old, but it most definitely still has the potential to cause a fright!

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