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Bobbing for Apples

Want to do a little bit more this Halloween than just trick or treat? Why not have a Halloween party? Or at least go to somebody else’s!

Well whatever you do, there’s probably going to be some apple bobbing involved. For those who don’t know, apple bobbing is a traditional game played at Halloween.

The Rules:
-    Apples will be floating in a large basin full of water.
-    The player must take an apple out of the basin with their mouth (hands will usually be behind back).

Sounds simple, right? Well this game is a lot harder than it looks! Although you have to mind your head, as there are plenty more all trying to do the same thing.

The safer alternative to this is where apples are hung on a string line, rather than a bowl of water.

Dry apple bobbing
Dry Apple Bobbing

So whichever way you bob your apples make sure you just have a bit of fun this Halloween!

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