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5 Scary Halloween Party Themes

The end of October marks the beginning of the party season, with Halloween offering the best excuse to dress up in ridiculous outfits and scare your friends senseless. If you’ve not attended a fancy dress party since you were six years old, why not consider revamping the form this year with a few easy theme ideas?

1. Cursed Crew

Bring a very different kind of Hollywood to your evening by hosting a Cursed Crew party. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters grabbed the traditional fancy dress favourite of swashbuckling pirates and made it cool for the 21st century. It’s an ideal theme for a party aimed at both adults and kids. You can drape yourself in cursed Aztec gold, celebrating the cavalier costume with a darker, scarier edge. Pirate costumes are a flamboyant mix of 17th- and 18th-century dress, with knee-high boots, huge hats, swords, pistols, and corsets for the ladies. Remember that a pirate is a walking wardrobe – pirates live in what they wear, so have fun and make your character your own with trinkets, scarves, bandanas, pendants, earrings, maps and compasses.


2. Zombie You

Ever wondered what your own walking corpse would look like? Zombie You is a cheap but brilliantly terrifying way of creating a quick costume for a teenage or adult party. Why not turn your party into your very own zombie apocalypse to scare your friends and family alike? AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead, adapted from the comic book of the same name, has brought George A Romero’s classic horror genre back into the mainstream. If you need a quick fancy dress costume, this can be a great low-cost answer. If you don’t want to zombify yourself, why not consider turning your favourite pop star, actor or singer into a moaning, groaning corpse!


3. Fashion Horrors

From platform shoes to A-line flares, fashion is full of horrific mistakes. A fashion horror is a great way to make a cheap costume for a party aimed at all ages. This theme is particularly good for those who don’t like the scarier side of Halloween. It’s also very inventive and great for adults looking to get back to their own teenage years. Jumble sales, attics and charity shops make great places to fish out old clothes to resurrect the fashions time forgot. It’s especially good for people who are a bit shy of blood or don’t like scary make-up. You could even go further and have a competition for the best and worst combinations of fashion horror.

Fashion horror

4. Little Devils

Get your children involved with your Halloween party with a Little Devils theme for a lively family party with a difference – great for mothers and people wanting to get their children having fun with others. This theme also makes for a great opportunity to take some photos for the family album.

Little devils

5. Angelic Tarts and Demonic Vicars

Get creative with your devil costumes and see your friends and family like you never have before. You can be as angelic or as demonic as you like. This theme is great for a laugh and a twist on the traditional Tarts and Vicars party theme.

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